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A selection of recent musical outputs. 

BlackBox Freestyle - 2019

Two tracks performed live for east London platform 'BlackBox'. A showcase of lyrical dexterity over instrumentals produced by Stoneage and Purple Mask. 

East London NHS Foundation Trust
QI Conference Commission - 2019 

A particularly fulfilling project. This piece was arranged with a choir consisting of NHS staff and service users, within the brief of 'co-creation'. I was commissioned to produce a spoken word clinical vignette showcasing an example of the disconnect between patients and doctors, and then improvise in response to both the choir and the conference at which we performed. Click here to read a blog on the project.

Laura. (part 1) - 2019

This short story is inspired by my experiences in child psychiatry. It explores the relationship between disorders of social development, creativity and social acceptance through a fictional character named Laura. 

'Know You' with Passenger Casanova - 2018

A music video for 'Know You' from the EP Slow Down which you can stream here. Choreographed and performed by Nick Stone and Catirona Maccolli of SAGE Dance Company, a company dedicated to over 55's.

Directed by David Moench.

'Yung Neel' with Passenger Casanova - 2018

A music video for 'Yung Neel' recorded with Passenger Casanova, a 4-piece jazz fusion outfit. Taken from 'Slow Down'  EP, available on all streaming platforms. Click here to stream.

Directed by Jack Albert Longman.

Two Sides of A Man - 2018
Published in The Intima - A Journal of Narrative Medicine

This track tells the true story of the first session of psychodynamic psychotherapy with a client.

Written and shared with their kind permission, and recited over the instrumental for FEAR. by Kendrick Lamar. Listen and read here or click the image below.

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'Bitch, Don't Kill My Vibe' cover with Passenger Casanova.

Our reimaging of Kendrick Lamar's modern classic featuring an acoustic set-up. Keen fans of The Roots will recognise the sample throughout.